3D Music

Crafted in virtual space, these downloadable albums were influenced by my fascination with the human psyche, so it seemed only logical to produce each track using 3D sound techniques that play with the listener’s imagination. Headphones are recommended for a more immersive experience.



“Thank you for this music. It has delivered an absolutely wonderful and delightful experience. This album is a beautiful contribution to the arts, music, sound, tech… The sound effects are seemingly ethereal. Please make more.”

-LB McKinney – Austin, Texas


“This album (Psyghts) is, for lack of a better word, divine. It goes above and beyond what normal music does by providing a 3D music experience that is sure to leave you disoriented from pure awe. The quality and care taken to produce this album is apparent in its uniqueness and careful construction. Each and every song brings a new sense of wonder, even after repeat listens.
Listening to the entire album with eyes closed is advised as, without your sense of sight, your brain will have full reign of where these sounds come from, making them seem even more real.”

 – iTunes customer – (Anon.)