I’m Kyle. I make 360 Virtual Tours, tinker with 3D Audio, VR and other fancy gizmos.

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Some examples of what I do.

360 Virtual Tours

These are great for showcasing rooms, events, properties and other places of interest.

Explore my recent 360 tours and get in touch to bring your place to virtual space!

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About me

I’m Kyle, a ponderer who likes digital media, travelling and the occasional dad joke.

Ever since…

…Ever since super mario 3, I’ve been amazed by video games and how immersive they’ve become over the years.

I often get lost making my own immersive experiences using VR, binaural sound and 360 photography but always come back to enjoy reality and the simple things in life.

I made this website, Virtual & Reality to showcase my work and hopefully inspire those who also like these areas of digital media.

You can get in touch with me by emailing kyle@virtualandreality.com

or fill in the contact form.